Stairway to Heaven hah!

Sorry for the lack of entries, typing is becoming challenging as we used to say about really difficult classes but I bought myself a wrist support thingy which helps.  My legs are going now I can see the muscles wasting in them and discussions about stairlifts are frequent which is all very depressing. Tomorrow we are off to a disability showroom where I can try one out. Still I ve lasted three years and compared to other people I ve been lucky. One mnd friend is virtually paralysed land another the same age as me is going into an assisted living flat.

On a positive note a publisher has taken me  on which still seems a bit unreal! I am still trying to live a normal life still going out to pubs still seeing friends, still  running the book club. In fact I m still amazed at how many of my old colleagues have contacted me and I have so many brilliant friends who keep me going.  So to all of my wonderful friends, family and ex pupils, thank you so much.

2 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven hah!

  1. Lindy I just wanted to let you know that Jill lent me a copy of your book you’ve sucessfully published – very real and truely written. Thank you for sharing. Often thinking of you xxx

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