My chair life

My life is now spent in my special riser recliner chair specially designed for disabled people because she switch lifts the chair up so that your carer caa. Help you to stand . Yes and I am fee loo feeble I need someone with me all day and she is with me 10 hours a day -12 hours in the chair a apart from exciting excursions to the kitchen to. Have the mucus suctioned out of my mouth a d medication and liquid flood put into my peg. This tiny world is  the one I exist in and will be until at some point in the next few months i  pop off. And I hate it. Mum talked ba out patients turning their backs to the wall but in my case I can’t even turn over Without help.

i spend a lot of time n my head remembering the person I once was who could drive, swim run talk and look after hersel. When I sit in the kitchen bbeeing washed a d dressed  I think of all the tiimes I dashed about in the mornings before heading off for school and I would give anything to go back in time just for one  day and  be a normal healthy person again.

3 thoughts on “My chair life

  1. Dear Lindy We think about you often x We talk about our fab holiday and our crazy nights at the disco trying the different cocktails, remember Amsterdam?!! how we all laughed that night, if we could all go back in time we would be there in a blinking of an eye. Thinking of you all x
    Hope Scrappy is behaving himself

    Mick and Carol

  2. Actually, Lindy still fights back. When I visited last week -
    a) Substantial whooshing of gin
    b) Sylvia Plath poetry reciting (grimmest ones only)
    c) Amy Winehouse blasting out Back to Black
    d) Reading extracts from Parallel Lies, Lindy’s unpublished (as yet) book about writing to a Death Row prisoner

    Cheered everyone up.

    Meanwhile, new version of “the Voice in my Head is Perfect” is out (Ashgrove, £8.99). It is superb.