Well here I am going live and becoming a blogger  which is a whole new experience for me it has to be said. The evenings are lighter and May approaches which is one year ago that I was given a year, roughly, to live. I am sitting here wondering if I will make it to  May  which seems a very strange thing to be writing. I suppose I should start thinking about my funeral just in case Mildred decides to finish me off in the next couple of months and then I will miss the third series of Homeland! Gutted!

7 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I just logged in to see if you are still with us, having read your book last week so I was happy to see you are! Hope you stick around for as long as your quality of life makes it worth doing so. Your book was great. My dad has MND and it was good to read a life/illness blend – perhaps there’s a new genre out there. My mum is currently reading it. It would be good to have a carer’s version too, perhaps your other half would consider writing one ;) I did hear once about a book where the woman’s view is the first half of the story, then you turn it upside down and back to front to read the man’s version. Never knew the title though so not read it. Enjoy your blog and tell Mildred to get lost.

    • Hi thanks yes as my dad says whenever I ask him how he is “am still afloat” The book I think you are referring to is called Happenstance by Carol Shields. Glad you liked my book and sorry your dad has it.
      Best wishes

  2. Hey Lindy. Hope you are ok. V funny – love the Homeland comment! Alice x

  3. I have just ordered Happenstance, so pleased to find someone who finally knew the title!

  4. Hey Lindy – I misspelt you as Lundy there but no (wo)man is an island – I saw that post about levitra last week and was puzzled too. Turns out it is some kind of viagra – I’m sure there must be a simple explanation. G x

  5. Hi Lindy, I’m only up to chapter 4 but already enjoying your book. A dear friend has MND and is at the stage where I find it hard to understand him but his mind is as sharp as ever. He studies the Bible and can write down the most amazing comments on what he reads. I’m hoping that reading your experiences will help me in some way to be a more positive source of help and encouragement to him and his family. Keep your chins up Lindy! Love Lynne x