Audio book

On a cold dark January day Jan Ravens brought my book to life and it is now available as a CD! It was a strange experience hearing me only not me and there were tears from all of us huddled into the RNIB studio in Camden Sue Hollick kindly offered to pay for the production and her daughter Abby produced it. Keith, my editor, and I listened attentively offering advice when needed. So now  I  am speaking! so to speak and at least my dad can now hear my book.

Mildred has my hands now.They are weak and curling inwards…turning into two disobedient things which won’t obey me. At night thought I can talk and eat and live as I used to do…and each morning I wake up and yearn to be back in my old life so badly thinking the nightmare might have ended and I will be transformed back into a healthy person.

Having sunk to the depths of despair over Xmas I am trying to keep living in the world. I went to watch the rugby…have been to the cinema…. Played scrabble! Lost painfully…..and we have booked a cottage for a week…..

One thought on “Audio book

  1. Lindy,
    I am not officially diagnosed but have many of the symptoms. Take heart that your website has at times kept me emotionally stable. I guess it is important to know that others are out in the world battling the same disease. Please keep writing as I know it brings light to the day for many of us. Thank you and I hope this message helps you to maintain high spirits at least for a brief minute or two.