The Last Post

By Keith

I saw Lindy on Friday night and we talked about the 70s when we were young and stupid. And about her writing which I am gradually uploading onto this site. Then in the early hours of Saturday morning Gareth called me to say she had died.

Unbearably sad – above all for Gareth, Robbie and Owen.



7 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. I am so sad to read that lindy has passed away, my thoughts and prayers are with you all, I have been following Lindys blogs, as my dad has motor neurones, Lindys blogs have helped me to understand what my dad must be feeling, as he never talks about it, thankyou lindy, god bless you , xxx

  2. I am so sorry to read this evening that Lindy has died. I worked with her both at Aylward School and at Edmonton County ( in my role in the local authority team in Enfield) and really appreciated her lively enthusiasm and her joy of literature and writing. We had a lot of fun devising on a creative writing project together. I was so pleased to be able to come to the launch of her book in Enfield and treasure my copy of ‘ The voice in my head is perfect’ signed by her. She and her family are in my thoughts and I’ll be contributing to the charity that the proceeds of her book go to.
    With deep sympathy and warmest best wishes
    Penny Travers

  3. We lost my mum to motor neurone disease just 3 weeks ago and I only came across Lindy’s story and blog this evening. To read that she has passed away is so incredibly sad. we have tried to take comfort in knowing that mum is no longer suffering and despite selfishly wanting her to still be with us, we know she is in a better place. I hope that Lindy’s family find some peace and my thoughts are with them all. To live and to care for someone with such a cruel disease takes such strength and selflessness.

  4. Very sad news, will miss reading her posts on here :( Rest in peace Lindy, you are at peace now. Wishing those closest to you strength and everything they will need during this tough time xxx

  5. Lindy – You were an inspiration to so many in so many ways. My writing, my life, are the richer for having known you. Just wish we’d met in the days before you got sick, we’d have had even more laughs. Thank you for your courage and humour and honesty. What a bloody waste. So so sorry to Gareth and Robbie & Owen.

  6. Condolences to Lindy’s family at this time. Hoping you will all find strength and peace.