Sincere apologies for my silence  typing has become very very hard and I now only have 2. Fingers on my right hand that work. Each night I hope that they are still functioning in the morning they are my link to a world I am increasingly cut off from . I have my stairlift and recently my eyegaze computer but  god is it hard to use.  You have to use your eyes to focus on a letter, hole it down then move onto the next one and a apart from being slow my eyes seem to flicker randomly across the keyboard  refusing to go where I want them to. I can’t imagine ever getting to rely on this for all my social interaction.

i ve also turned into a box set junkie spending hours in front of the tv something I never did in my previous healthy life.i I watched 6 seasons of The Sopranos in  a matter of weeks and felt bereft when it ended particularly since the actor died in real life in June. Mind you he went suddenly after a good night out which seems a much better way to go than slowly being paralysed the way I am. Now I m motoring through Lost which I m not sure i understand at all but it takes my mind off things as we head into the cold, dark evenings. I never imagined I d see another Christmas, and maybe I won’t, but I m not quite ready to go yet and anyway, my book is soon to be Re released by a real publishing company. Watch this space.