Holiday in Ireland

We had had frequent discussions about going on a holiday this year and given my deterioration decided that it was not possible. I have been bitterly jealous of happy holiday snaps on Facebook and all my friends plans. Having nothing but paralysis dad death to look forward to seriuouslly sucks so we thought we must do something given that I  an still weak. Enter Mike and his new car a few  drinks and a suggestion of a day trip and suddenly  we are going to the west coast of Ireland which I’d wanted to visit since seeing Ryan’s daughter in 1970 . Sorry still weak should read still walk.

So we went !  Ferry to Ross Lair then b and b in Cork eat your heart  Norman Bates!! Crazy ladeh who asked us how many rooms we’d booked!!! On to Killlkenny then Dingle where we saw the Dingle dolphin Fungie and then to Kilarney. A great holiday despite my terror and all thanks to dear Mike for all the driving!!